Draconic (Dragon) Genus

The term “dragons” is used in general to refer to the members of and various offshoots of the Draconic genetic line. This includes some subspecies and hybrids. It often mistakenly includes species that venerate or associate with dragons, but are either amphibian or reptilian in nature.

Draconic Society


Parthenogenic: Dragons do not have sexes or genders. They reproduce through parthenogenesis. The concept of a “mate” is merely a misunderstanding and assumption by other species. Dragons band together to insure the survival of the species and collaborate in raising young dragons. Beyond this, some dragons have been known to form bonded pairs, but this should never be considered a familial unit in the typical sense.

Relations with Others

Bound to The Dreamwyld

Dragons all go through a phase of their life in which they do not “sleep” per se. A dragon appearing to sleep, has actually projected their spirit into the Ethereal or Astral realities. They exist in multiple places at the same time, and they pursue with great zeal the accumulation of vast sums of knowledge and power this way.

Pall of Dreams

When a dragon uses its fearsome breath weapon, it may catch up the victims that perish in it into a fog that manifests around the living. Young dragons aften do this on accident, older ones can control it. This cloud of dreams manifests around the living, and forces them to relive the last moments. It often reflects the motivations and emotions of the dragon from with the breath came at the time of their death. It is described as a small demi-plane or world unto themselves that retells the story of the victims. These can only be dispelled with the most powerful of magics.

Slumber of Ages

Dream Dragons

When a dragon permanently passes into the Dreamwyld, they become a “Dream Dragon”. Few can tell the difference, but they become immortal and achieve a god-like level of consciousness and power.

The Hamazd

Thiese are the powers that dragons acquire through knowledge and discipline.

D20 Dragon Traits

  • Sanity 15
  • Class: Most dragons are Warlocks (Seeker pact mostly; Great Olde One – head of the Draconic Clan) or Wizards in addition to their species. They have a minimum level equal to their age category.

Incruitable: All dragons have a natural aura of Nondetection. Only magics cast by other Dragons can penetrate this aura.

Mirror of Form: A dragon, once they reach wyrmling stage, can transform 1/Long Rest into a humanoid of a size and rough form that matches a community that are nearby. There must be a humanoid to mirror within 100′ when they first do it. The humanoid form takes the general color of the dragon, and will have some features which mark them as atypical of the species whose form they mirrored (sharp nails, strange eye color, etc.). They keep all their abilities except ones based on their physiology. They can transform back into their draconic format any time.

Incarna Core Dragon Traits