Hardened (Character Perspective)

The hardened character has actually had real world experience that they no longer have the youthful and optimistic perspective that is inherent in most new characters just starting on their life journey. This limits some of their starting features, though it allows them to interact more with an experienced players knowledge, and avoid meta-gaming criticism.

If a character’s starting age is greater than 20% more than their normal starting age (various features increase this to represent time passage in acquiring them), they automatically begin play as Hardened. This may vary based on setting, race, and back story, but unless noted, it should be default. A player may simply choose to have their character begin play in this state for the advantage it gives them in role-playing planning, ideas, and execution of their actions.

Features Prohibited by Beginning Hardened Characters: Bad Luck, Challenging Communicator, Youthful Experience, and Wonderment.

D20 Hardened Details/Mechanics

For each level of a starting Character, add 1 year (minimum; must reach the 20% normal starting age mark) to their starting age.

Incarna Core Hardened Mechanics