Cultural/Regional Experience

A character can realistically be just about any background and race allowed by the rules, limited by geolocation availability and/or cultural norms. However, many places have a society that produces a preponderance of a specific outlook and qualities that reflect an archetype or stereotype. Adopting this confers some small advantages, excludes some backgrounds and alters others – including characteristics, values and behaviors. It may also impose stat adjustments. The experience can help to inform the Character Stories and roleplaying opportunity during the game.
Experiences are Advanced/Complex Concepts and Mechanics.

Requirements: Cultural Experience (and any benefits) can only be taken at the time of character creation – it assumes that the character was immersed in the culture as they were raised.

Incarna d20™ Cultural/Regional Experience Details/Mechanics

This content is part of the Incarna d20 Variant changes are for the d20 System™.

Essence/Aptitude Requirements: Occult 1 OR 5 [Occult] Allotted Essence

Aptitude Affinity: The character has specific which may be purchased with Essence at a decreased cost.

Disposition/Ability Adjustments:

Ability Emphasis:

Knowledge/Lores: Lores (Knowledge)

Ignorance/Bias: Lores (Knowledge);



Social Standing: [linked]

Primary Education:

Secondary Education Starts at an older age.

Backgrounds Excluded or Altered:

Skills Excluded or Altered:

Traits Excluded or Altered:

Features Excluded or Altered:

Faith/Divine Experience:

Institutional Experience:

Personality Parameters: No X/Y, Only X/Y, etc.

Ideal Parameters: No X/Y, Only X/Y, etc.

Bond Parameters: No X/Y, Only X/Y, etc.

Flaw Parameters: No X/Y, Only X/Y, etc.

iCore Cultural/Regional Experience Details/Mechanics