A character’s Aura is the outward display of the nature of their Essence and what is allotted or bound to. Aura is an advanced and optional component which allows players to have their characters carry marks upon their soul/Essence that can be seen with Aura Sight. This shows marks upon their very Essence that reflects a fundamental nature of the archetypes they identify with and associated Aptitudes, law and chaos, good and evil… or, rather, base and magnanimous drives or somewhere in between on the spectrums. This reflects an Advanced Concept, tied to Aura and Aptitude that is optional under Incarna rules (especially the iD20 variant for Classes).

Items: An item with an Aura (Essence) will likely have an Affixed Aptitude that specifies the type required to use it and powers it has. Affixing an aptitude requires 4 talent in apt to be affixed.

Aura Features

Aura Stench Quiet Aura Aura Sight Aura of Luck

Things Which are Reflected in an Aura

energy pool(s)
aptitude measures

Aptitude Fashioned Auras