[Base] d20 Wizard Class Variant

These rule changes are for the d20 System™ as represented in the Basic Rules presented in full as The ©Players Handbook.

     ONLY Applicable to the Incarna d20 Variant      

Universal for all classes: Starting Equipment and Money = By campaign setting – DO NOT USE THE ©PLAYERS HANDBOOK.

Primary Aptitude(s): Occult

Magic/Spell Changes: By default, all ‘spell casting’ follows the Empowered Magic rules that remove the “each round” aspect of most spell saves. They come from the Mystic Tradition of Tutelage. This class uses Spell type castings for determining Casting Constraints. When they Manifest spell type capabilities, it is using the Formulaic practice of Casting.

Commitment to Mystic Tradition: If a character decides to commit to a single Tradition as well as using Aptitude for d20 and no Multiclassing, they gain a Committed Spell Progression.

Charm-Making: Wizards are the only type of magus that can easily create [rote] Charms.

Long Life Thread > If a character can cast the following spells, their impact is reduced; d20 Raise Dead and equivalent/d20 Revivify and equivalent: Creatures with a Long Life Thread (ex: Elves) cannot be targeted by either of these spells (they simply fail) – it takes stronger spells to impact the character enough to bring them back from the dead.

Character Features

  1. The Wizard’s Arcane Focus is a form of Focus Point.
  2. Tasha’s Cauldron: Additional Wizard Spells (Optional Features)