[Base] d20 Monk Class Variant

These rule changes are for the d20 System™ as represented in the Basic Rules presented in full as The ©Players Handbook.

     ONLY Applicable to the Incarna d20 Variant      

Universal for all classes: Starting Equipment and Money = By campaign setting – DO NOT USE THE ©PLAYERS HANDBOOK.

Primary Aptitude(s): Kinetic (Way of the Open Fist)

Magic/Spell Changes: By default, all ‘spell casting’ follows the Empowered Magic rules that remove the “each round” aspect of most spell saves. They come from the Mystic Tradition of The Spark.

Changes to the Monk

  1. Essence: The Monk loses 1 Essence at 1st level for the deep ties to the world around them.
  2. Tasha’s Cauldron: Quickened Healing (Optional Feature)