[Base] d20 Cleric Class Variant

These rules are for compatibility with d20 System as represented in the Basic Rules presented in The ©Players Handbook™.

     ONLY Applicable to the Incarna d20 Variant      
All characters should have a story for the important elements of their composition.

Clerics are the manifestation of the will of the Divine Principal/Faith which they represent. They live a life according to its’ tenets, symbolizing their righteousness in the character’s success. They work with institutions, clergy, and political factions to advance the position of the faith and its followers in society. They are subject to the divine Voice of Authority commanded by avatars, priests (Clerics), and even institutional ranks. Characters of renown are typically found wielding holy weapons.

Primary Aptitude(s): Divine. Followers generally use Conviction and progress through the Get Incarna news via our Facebook site!.

LEVEL-UP: Leveling can be done in-game at any time if progressing in an existing class. It does not grant any spells or count as a Rest of any sort. Spells known must be studied after the knowledge is gained - typically a Long Rest in contemplative reflection and self-testing. Multiclassing follows standard Incarna d20 multi-class parameters.

Magic/Spell Changes

These are critical changes to how magic works - review carefully!By default, all 'spell casting' follows the d20 Empowered Magic rules that provide warranted changes to align with Incarna principles. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Practice of Magic is divided into Low Arts and High Arts; Low Art (normal spells) ALL use, by default, Verbal, Somatic, and Material elements.
  2. The Arcane Focus or Holy Symbol is a form Focus Point Item and requires Attunement (1 Essence).
  3. Rules that remove the "each round" aspect of most spell saves
  4. This class uses Spell type castings for determining Casting Constraints (in armor/encumbered); Unfettered (from Encumbrance): +1 Spell Attack and Spell Save DC.
  5. Identifying magical Dweomers and Auras (items, places, etc.) - The Identify spell is generally replaced with the Rituals of Knowing and has different outcomes. See Identifying Items.

They come from the Mystic Tradition of Inspiration. This class uses Adjuration type castings for determining Casting Constraints. With Conviction, this class can use Divine Connexion to call on small intercessions and counters.

Commitment to Mystic Tradition: If a character decides to commit to a single Tradition as well as using Aptitude for d20 and no Multiclassing, they gain a Committed Spell Progression.

Changes to the PHB Cleric Class

  1. Starting Equipment and Money: By campaign setting – DO NOT USE THE ©PLAYERS HANDBOOK.
  2. Essence: In order to facilitate the bonds of faith, the Cleric has several points of required Essence use (outside of possible Aptitude).
    1. Basic Bond: 2 @ 1st level – The character has deep and abiding commitment to their faith/deity (Divine Principle) to gain Good Standing in relation to the faith’s tenets.
    2. Holy Symbol Attunement: 1 @ 1st level – If Cleric is their primary class at the time of Character Inception, their Basic Bond includes this Attunement. Replacement holy symbols only need the Ritual of Attunement, no additional Essence.
    3. OPTIONAL = With Conviction, this class can use Divine Connexion to call on small intercessions and counters; Shared Litany to cooperate with others of the faith.
  3. The Cleric’s Holy Symbol is a form of Focus Point. They are provided one as part of their induction into the faith.
  4. Liturgical Participation: If this is their primary class at the time of Character Inception, they gain Lore: [Characters’ Faith] +2
  5. Tasha’s Cauldron Approved: Additional Cleric Spells (Optional Feature)


Soul Sacrifice (Offering)

The character kills a target in a manner proscribed by a Rite of Offering specific to their faith in order to gain 1 use of Channel Divinity. The use can be any they meet the requirements for.

Requirements: The victim must be sentient, and have Essence. Alignment: Non-Good only. This can only be done 1/Long Rest.