Ranger Class

This class conforms to the ©DnD ™ base class as presented in the ©Players Handbook.

Incarna iDnD prefers the variant of the Ranger. Discussions seem to indicate there is no future for the UA version (as noted at reddit and tribality).

Class choice in Incarna is a role-playing challenge more than anything. While any class is possible in the right situation/background, race, culture, gender, regional issues, and social norms all factor into what path a character is able to take. A full Character Background and Perspective Stories can explain anything, even complete deviation from any setting or rule restrictions. However, it is also these constraining elements that give the most role-play challenge (and reward) and should be encouraged. Multi-classing after character creation has only the limits the story and setting provide (aside from any normal Ability limits).

Changes to the Ranger

  1. Essence: The Ranger loses 1 Essence at 1st level for the deep ties to the world around them. They lose 1 additional Essence at 3rd level when they choose their path and bond with their animal spirit.
  2. Tasha’s Cauldron: Fighting Style Options, Spell Casting Focus, Martial Versatility (Optional Features)