The character holds their native culture, usually more primitive, insular and tight knit, above all others. The values are how the character defines themselves. It most often reflects a less materially encumbering perspective. Characters adopting this behavior Trait are under the effects of a Compulsion. Characters may cast aside their behavior bonds but suffer a temporary penalty.

  • Never gain Language above a [Conversational]
  • Never gain literacy above a [Conversational]
  • Persuade imposes Disadvantage on checks unless it is the same [native] culture of the character
  • Survival in an urban environment imposes Disadvantage on checks
  • Never acquire Occult aptitude
  • Only access to Experience: Country or Follower (if animist)
  • Never hold the law of others above the laws and bonds of family/tribe/clan, etc.
  • Rarely, if ever, wear modern dress – preferring traditional culture or religious
  • Cannot wear heavy armor, cannot take Medium Armor Mastery feat
  • Not accumulate much more than you or you and a single small mount or vehicle can carry