Myopic Thoughts/Overconfident (Trepidation)

The mind becomes filled with Trepidation, but instead of producing an inherently negative Disoriented impact, or an inherently positive Exacting one, it delivers a layer on the fabric of reality that is a mania of overconfidence. The reality of any given situation is replaced with [generally] unwarranted optimism. Assessments of reality are unaffected, only the perceived outcome of the character’s attempt to achieve. It is a powerful form of altered perspective which can be self-imposed or an effect from some condition or power.

The character will attempt actions with the greatest possible return on investment (game impact/damage production/style/etc.), regardless of chance of success or level of danger.

D20™ Myopic Thoughts Mechanics

This content is part of the Incarna d20 Variant changes are for the d20 System™.

Disadvantage on all Sanity or Intelligence checks to assess the reasonableness of an action;

iCore Myopic Thoughts Mechanics