Blood Lust

The victim is driven by a need to see and spill the blood of others. They are excited by the sight, smell, and touch of fresh blood – to them, this alone is the sign of success, victory, and and absolute drive to prove their own prowess. They will disdain the use of ranged weapons or effects in favor of close up ones causing open, bloody wounds (though may begin by discharging any prepared ranged attacks). They will move at fastest possible speed to directly engage any foes.

While under the effects of a true compulsion, they cannot use any benefits of the Lore, tactics skills or maneuvers – though they can use Good Luck, group, and Leadership benefits. With their intense drive to see blood spilled, they are unaffected by any non-magical fear. They gain Advantage (similar to Superior Luck or Leadership) on any fear checks. If they are forced out of a combat (it is not a suicidal compulsion) – such as a retreat or withdrawal, or told explicitly they cannot participate – they will also suffer from Anxiety afterwords.