Virtuous Creed

Virtuous entities enjoy the sharing fun, the bond of trust, feelings of appreciation, value, and esteem.
They understand the value of community and friendship and act with magnanimity to encourage and protect both.
Such actions are pleasing to virtuous entities and like all beings, virtuous ones will have those they especially hate for whatever reason and focusing their activities to protect against them will bring great satisfaction. Their aims and goals are almost always beneficial to those close to them, and behavior will range from outright love and devotion to quiet vigilance. Those of this view are much more likely to give their sworn word


[Physical] Virtuousness is manifested and symbolized by light grey clouds, sun, and a feeling of rising or growing (or equivalent cultural and environmental expression for the setting).

The Code of Virtue

Angels are vituous entites. The ephemeral Dreamlands embody the precepts of virtue.