Shared Litany

Cost: 1 EssenceReq/Limit: Being a Follower of a deity. Adherence to its [documented] Tenets.
A Litany is a deeply held set of proscribed tenets of a faith which is to be shared and practiced by the community of followers. The normal character does their best to follow the tenets, while a character with Shared Litany embraces them to the core of their identity. It grants benefits when they participate in Rituals, Ceremonies and other types of faith acts with others of the same Shared Litany. It also allows them to benefit from the effects of Divine Aptitude. A character may not possess conflicting (tenets that oppose each other) Shared Litanies. They may give up an embraced Litany, suffering the consequences of transgressing or abandoning their faith.

Living Sacrament: A character that possesses Shared Litany, Divine Aptitude, and Conviction can undergo the Rite of Abiding Litany, to become a Living Sacrament.

D20 Trait Mechanics

Living Sacrament: A character who is a Living Sacrament gets one Blessing at the end of a Long Rest if they do not already possess one. Once a year they are imbued with an instance of Channel Divinity which can be used as if they were a Cleric of 2nd level.

Incarna Core Trait Mechanics