Acts, Codes, and Creeds

The prime creeds fall within…

Minor Tenets: These are prohibitions and proscribed behaviors that are incidental, and will not cause a violent disagreement in their mere expression. Such things as sacred colors, days of observance, phrases and specific dietary and small life practices that in and of themselves represent little in terms of effort or involvement but are a signification of submission to the basics of a group, secular or religious institution or club’s ideals.

Major Tenets: These require active participation and represent a serious potential of coming into conflict with other’s daily lives.

Listing of Major/Prime Codes


Alignment is an axial cross of the prime creeds. Lawful-Good, Chaotic-Evil, etc.
Reconciling these is not easy, but for each element in the axial combination which is role-played correctly should warrant a Personal Reward each session.