Rite of Dedication (Dedicated Follower)

COST/REQ: 1 Essence (per Principal bonded to)
[Term] Principal: The empowered deity/entity/patron or animus that the follower is bonded/dedicated to through the Rite of Dedication (Dedicated Follower). This is regarded as the wellspring and incarnation of the Tenets and actively works toward them through the worship/veneration of followers.

When a follower first comes to the Principal in pursuit of their goals, they are bonded to the Principal beyond the superficial practical levels of personal alliance, and enter into a bond that requires the follower to help the Principal’s community, institutions, and other followers, and to promote its ideals actively. The rite signifies the pledge of the follower to follow the tenets of the Principal at least at the cost of their own comfort (though not necessarily jeopardizing their health and safety). Most are required to publicly wear a symbol or a garment sacred to the Principal as a sign of their dedication. A character can be bonded to multiple Principles as long as the Abiding Litany of them are not in conflict. Once dedicated, a character receives the following benefits:

  • They may possess unlimited divine Blessings from an the Principal they are bound to (normally limited to one). These would be granted by the institutions of, or Principal itself for services advancing the cause of the faith.
  • They can enjoy the follower’s benefits of Hallowed/Holy Ground for the Principal they are bound to.
  • The following require no Concentration is cast by a source that has Shared Litany: Guidance, Resistance, Bless, Detect Poison/Disease, Detect Good/Evil

Shared Litany

When two followers or entities share the same Abiding Litany.