Feats for D20

All feats should have a separate story in the background of the character – how was it acquired, who was involved (mentors, etc.), at what age of the character they gained it, etc.

Feat Changes


There is no such thing as completely immune to surprise. The alert bonus applies to attempts to sneak up while asleep as if they were a light sleeper.

Incarna Feats


Inscription master is feat. Circles etc see what tower did. Hmmm. Glyph = you get it if you dont have it. Detect spells can be done as inscribe and visible color or sign of recognition. Illusory script. Magic circle. Teleport circle. “Master Circle” = last longer, stationary, cost = cost portion x 10
2 Traits: Master Summoner = Summon circle sep feat? Gate goes from 10 min to 1 hour? + Circle of Power: Diviniation on a circle of ____ = on init 20, cast cantrip + detect magic 60′ while in the circle