Working with Incarna Materials: Although formal play testing for the core game has ended, updates and ideas are being formulated and Developed all the time. These are usually passed through the Google Group for discussion among GM's and developers. Business Opportunities are available for those wishing to use the materials under standard terms.

Licensing Incarna

Contact the site owners for more details.

Creative Commons License

With Incarna 5.0, we are rebuilt all the business opportunity materials. Old methods and approaches are dissolved and new ones are being fromulated. Stay tuned to this section for a summary of
new personal and commerical information related to Incarna.

Making Incarna Materials

We encourage everyone to do it and publish it, posting notice on the Facebook page. Please keep in my the development guidelines for Incarna and the Adventure Principle when making content.
Although envisioned initially as a table-top RPG platform, it has the possibility for business and development on several platforms (cards, war-game, computerized/online, etc.).

Solicted Feedback

You may see several points on the web site where the materials have a link to solicit feedback. Usually this means the materials are under consideration for change and/or expansion.
This is a chance for you to provide a voice; if an idea of yours is used, we will attribute it to you. While you do not see it directly, most pages with content on the site have or will have a “Credits” section in the HTMl source.
They are styled to not show on the screen display, but do display when printed.
The the Material Devleopment Page for the HTML source of the attribution. This is what you can expect to see:

CREDITS > Dev: Kelly Berger;
Test: First Play Test: 2003

Seriously paired down in 2006 and 2010 as chance for commercial paid support model was scrapped due to lack of commitments for content from other designers and developers.