Aptitude Talent

Talent measures the degree of potential powers related to it, based on an Aptitude score.

Dormant Talent

Measures of Potential: 0

Only characters with a greater than dormant aptitude can actively develop their powers.

Dormant Perspective:

Undeveloped Talent – Basic/Proficient

Measures of Potential: 1

Undeveloped Perspective:

Active Talent – Accomplished

Measures of Potential: 2

Active Perspective:

Developed Talent – Exceptional

Measures of Potential: 3

Developed Perspective:

Apex Talent – Masterful

Measures of Potential: 4

Potency Conduit: Each Aptitude has a means of enhancing a vital principle of powers related to it. It typically changes the dynamic of effort and effect. This typically manifests as an effect triggered by fuel from an Energy Pool. These ‘conduit’ related capabilities are [outside of time].

Apex Perspective:

Natural Talent

Measures of Potential: 4 [Apex] @ time of Character Inception.

If the character starts as a Natural Talent and has their permanent Aptitude drained somehow, they are still considered a Natural Talent.