Orders of Magi

Signify: Display of relative competence, adherence to the culture of the magus, membership in any institutions or order.

  • Square: Disposition 1 > Sameness, basic, fundamental
  • Circle: Disposition 2 >
  • Triangle: Disposition 3 > Pinnacle, heights, power
  • Line: (Vertical) Disposition 4 > Concentration, direction, surety
  • Dot: Disposition 5 > Singular, oneness

Square Mage/Hedge Wizards

A certain percentage of all applicant members/apprentices to an occult/Wizard order are mere dabblers, sometimes referred to as “Hedge Wizards” or Square Mage – as are those self taught. Those who come through an institution or order use the Tradition of tutelage and can ONLY use a limited amount of knowledge in their spellbook. Even though they are not full-fledged Wizards, they still represent the Magus population and the Order they trained under. As such, they are provided enough to represent the Magi culture and their power, thus making them useful in a way every starting magus would be if possible. Like all practitioners, they are bound by the Limits of Casting.