Opener of Ways (Occult Weapon Arch-Expression)

Their weapon is a beacon that leads them down a path.
The Game Master, Setting, and/or story elements may determine what is relevant and/or appropriate.

Common Requirements: Occult Arch-Weapon, Natural Occult Talent, Mana Pool

Common Costs: 1 Essence + 1 Mana (these are permanent sacrifices).

D20 Securer of Passages Mechanics

Requirements: Achieved Committed d20 Spell Progression

Costs: 2 Essence for a Bond
Passage Spirit: 1 CP and 1 HP (both permanent sacrifices)

Once per Long Rest, the wielder may, using an Action and 1 Mana, with their Occult Weapon trigger each of the following: Grease, Knock, Gust of Wind, and Dispel Magic. All are cast at their Primary Class level and are treated as if the wielder had cast them.

Seeker Passage Spirit: Once per Long Rest they may also, as an Action, summon a powerful spirit to help clear the way. This is the equivalent of a Spiritual Weapon spell.

Incarna iCore Securer of Passages Mechanics


Costs: # CPs