Kinetic Aptitude

Kinetic Engagement: Having Kinetic Aptitude and/or kinetic capability (powers, traits, features using kinetic [Chi] energy). It is fundamentally the power of equilibrium in space and time to alter The Pattern. A character who takes on Kinetic Engagement as a primary character development path is referred to as an <Adaptate. A permanent change in the score of this Aptitude triggers an Actuated Awareness. The act of manifesting specific Kinetic Power/Capability using Chi (see hereafter) is referred to as Demonstratinig.

Petitioning for Kinetic Power

For more information of the actions and perspectives on this, see the Guide for Adaptates.

Kinetic Energy: Chi

Chi allows a character to manipulate object, powers, and features based on kinetic bonds to The Pattern. To consciously and freely gain and use Chi, a character must have a Essence and a Chi Pool. Kinetic Aptitude provides a basic amount in a Chi Pool, but Chi can be developed independent of it.

d20™ Kinetic Mechanics

This content is part of the Incarna d20 Variant changes are for the d20 System™.

Requirements: Adoption of a Primary Class and Primary Ability. * No Aptitude power can be exercised unless the character’s level is equal to the Aptitude rating. *

Primary Kinetic Classes: Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Monk (Way of the Open Fist), Barbarian (Path of the Berserker), Bard (College of Valor)

Primary Kinetic Abilities: Constitution, Dexterity, Strength

Characters must choose their Primary Class if they have not already (they may only possess 1). This class must be one in which they have a level in. The character must choose their Primary Ability if they have not already (they may only possess 1); It must be on the list of the class’s Proficient Abilities.

D20 Kinetic Aptitude
Rating Cost Description (Cumulative Effects)
1 5 Essence

Natural Discernment: +1 on checks for Kinetic Phenomenon

Natural Affinity: The character may Attune a single Empowered Kinetic Item without Pledging Essence.

2 4 Essence(9 total)
  • Attribute Affinity: The character gains a +1 increase to the maximum value (usually taking it to 21) of their Primary Ability within their Primary Class.
3 3 Essence(12 total)
  • Aptitude Emphasis: At 8th level, if you choose an Ability Score Increase in your Primary Class’s 2 proficient abilities, you can increase one ability by 1 and the other by 2.
4 2 Essence(14 total) Vital Conduit: = Vital Body: [1 Chi] The next set of Death Saves (until an outcome is resolved) requires only a 9 or better for success.
4 @ time of Character Inception
[Total] Cost > Essence = 5 Std. Aptitude at time of character creation; Each measure taken afterward is a cumulative 1 point addition (i.e. equal to the measure).

iCore Kinetic Aptitude

iCore Kinetic Aptitude
Rating Cost Description
1 5 Essence
2 4 Essence(9 total)
3 3 Essence(12 total)
4 2 Essence(14 total)
4 @ time of Character Inception

Divine Aptitude: Bonds of spirit and insight into synergy of the cosmos.
Kinetic Aptitude: The rigors of health and mind-over-body.
Occult Aptitude: Command of arcane powers and entities.
Psychic Aptitude: The will as a representation of reality.