Rites of Passage (Divine Acknowledgement)

The progress of a follower through the States of Grace (a form of Attunement) is known as their Passage. At each stage of their passage, a follower participates in a rite reflecting their state of grace to mark their progress as acknowledged by the Principle they are a follower of. This must happen in order for the follower to gain the benefits of the new state of grace. Usually, a follower of higher rank or status will sponsor the new follower in the rite or the Principal itself will initiate the raising up. Each rite has a function in terms of its significance and at the conclusion, the follower is raised to their new state of grace. All living subjects must go through each in turn as they develop (manifested by a rite of passage for each), while other subjects can be imbued directly with grace of a specific state if needed.

Serving/Time in Service

Elan Building: This particular activity, along with Mystic Offerings to or time serving a Prime Entities, Time in Service to Prime Institutions or Entities, acquiring knowledge and experience arduously and over great amounts of game time (beyond Character Inception), Acts altering the outcome of great conflicts or the lives of many in general, and enhancing capabilities to an epic level can all build Elan.