Benediction Ceremony (Follower Missions)

[Term] Principal: The empowered deity/entity/patron or animus that the follower is bonded/dedicated to through the Rite of Dedicated Grace. This is regarded as the wellspring and incarnation of the Tenets and actively works toward them through the worship/veneration of followers.

When divine followers are sent on sacred missions and quests, they are sometimes assisted by a ceremony from a congregation or collective of priests/shamans that come together to enact a ceremony that will persist until the goal of the mission is complete, it has failed, or the congregants enacting the ceremony are dead or can no longer worship on a daily basis.

Role of Congregants: The congregants must spend an hour (or equivalent) each day in prayer beseeching the Principle to assist the Recipient of the Benediction. If the recipient dies, the congregants will know next time they convene for their regular continuation of the ceremony.

Role of Recipient: The recipient of the benediction gains a small measure of divine power that they may only while on their mission for the faith.

Benefits of Benediction

While the Benediction is in effect, it will have either a strong or weak outcome. It can effect a number of Recipients equal to 1 to 4. Each recipient who has been through The Rite of Dedication, up to 4, does not count towards this maximum.

  • Strong Benediction: The powers of the Benediction are granted on a daily basis.
  • Weak Benediction: The powers of the Benediction are granted as a single use.
The Powers Granted by a Benediction are: Guidance, Resistance, False Life, Bless.

If the Recipient is a Natural Talent (Divine; w/Shared Litany) or an Agent/Living Sacrament, the outcome of these powers trigger at maximum effect. Additionally, if either of these has a Conviction of 4, then the spell Warding Bond is included as well.

Watch over the Righteous: The GM will intercede when one of the Spells of Safety (Detect Evil/Good, Detect Magic, Detect Poison/Disease, Find Traps) will trigger in response to the divine presence seeing the affect they are triggered on. It will trigger by treating the spell as if it were just cast on the Recipient.