Proclamation of Censure

Minor Censure

The authorities or Principal have decided that the character is not a fit community representative. Minor Censure prohibits the character performing any liturgical duties, community roles, proselytizing, and must abstain from speaking or acting in a way that is not clearly exactly inline with the tenets or institutional policies as perceived by the public and without knowingly offending or confronting any section of the populace outside faith authorities. Any obligations must still be met.

Violating the Terms of Minor Censure:

Major Censure

The authorities or principal has decided to make an example of the character or entity for committing to a path or action counter with the withes of said Principal or authorities. They are barred as Minor Censure, and must also sequester themselves away in contemplation until any other terms of the censure are fulfilled. Any obligations must still be met.

Violating the Terms of Major Censure: Unless they are using their divine powers directly in the service of the faith (a quest, etc.), they operate as if they had one less measure of all factors (Aptitude, Conviction, etc.).