Attendant Spirit

Those who volunteer to be Risen will also have their spirits used to watch over the places and followers of the Principal. Also referred to as “Guardian Angels”. Like others of The Risen, the spirit is an abstract manifestation of divine will. It embodies one of the marks of faith: Protect, Promote, Provide – specifically the “Protect” mark. The spirit will perform a basic protective function, watching over the target and using its abilities to ensure that they are not surprised, and defending the target with its meager abilities to reduce the damage taken by providing a warning whispered in the ear of the Follower.

The spirit is a very individual presence, bound to a specific follower for a mission and will disappear if they die. The spirit itself is a created entity powered by the deity of the spirit of a Risen Follower and given to watch over the safety of another Follower.

It cannot be displayed except by divine means, and has a threshold of ___.