The Risen – Guardians Beyond Death

These are manifestations of an individual’s desire to continue in service to some ideal beyond their death – usually to defend sacred spaces or relics. Their soul/Essence departs for the lands of the dead, but that dedication and will is added to a voluntary Rite of Offering which binds either their disembodied spirit or animates their corpse. They may only accomplish this if they continue in death to serve the purpose they had in life. This is usually limited to Divine aspects – guarding tombs, set watch over sacred places, patrolling the ruins of a holy place. Previous to their death, they must have taken an oath. If done as part of a Ceremonial Rite, wherein they are sworn in service beyond death to all witnesses, the transformation will happen automatically as their divine Principle will manifest and command their remains into the promised service.

Material Risen are animations like other Zombies and Skeletons. However, a single Essence remains, and the spirit of the character is imprinted upon the Risen to give it volition and purpose.

Powers of The Risen


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