Touch of Identity (Ritual of Knowing)

The ritualist gains basic knowledge pertinent to the identity of the target/subject. This includes what it is in classification terms the character understands (e.g. weapon, armor, animal, vegetable), the primary purpose of the subject, and the name of the subject. If the subject has other, meaningful names attached to it the magus may learn those at the GMs discretion. The more well known the name is, the more likely it is that it would be learned as that identity has permeated the object.

Object History: Once the initial identity has been established, its history can be gleaned. Major events can be envisioned, and each event can be delved into with a sperate ritual instance. There may be residual trauma imprinted on these “memories” that attack the Sanity of the ritualist in order to translate the perspective of the item into something they can understand. The memories viewed this way are in real time; i.e. a three day battle will take three days to view the entire event. This does not impart the ability to understand communication the ritualist does not possess. Communication within memories is translated by any sentience, if the object possesses it.

As with all Major Rituals of Knowing, the object or target of the ritual must be in physical contact with the ritualist; part of the ritual is to handle, examine, use (including a [single] charge, if the item is rechargeable) and the ritualist must be able to envision the three dimensional aspects of the object. Typically, the ritual involves the pressing of the object the face or head of the ritualist – lifting forth knowledge of the target’s composition and placing it in their mind. The Major Rituals of Knowing have strict requirements, but keep the Ritualist completely safe from any backlash or draining of the item examined that would normally be applied for Simple Identification. The ritualist becomes Attuned to the target momentarily and breaks it if a backlash is detected.

Incarna d20™ Touch of Identity Details/Mechanics

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

d20 [specific] Requirements: Occult Aptitude 1 OR 3 [Occult] Allotted Essence.

The impact of Legend Lore: This is a shortcut to all the rituals of knowing; Legend Lore provides all the information the current (deprecated) Identify spell. It can provide targets for milestones of important memories or for each casting of Legend Lore, a full long memory is instantly granted instead of in real-time.

iCore Touch of Identity Details/Mechanics