Hale, Health, Damage, and Healing

Hale” is a state of no damage, no Wounds, no Exhaustion and no Illness or Disease and has not permanently lost any Aptitude, Attribute or Movement recently.

Damage Measures

Fatigue Damage: Fatigue damage is light stress and strain. If it drops a character below 1, they become unconscious – it cannot kill.

Hard Damage: Hard damage is damage that does not heal at normal rates. Very few effects produce Hard Damage.

Physical Damage:

Healing Measures

D20 Damage and Healing Mechanics

  • The aptitude, attribute, movement loss cannot be within a Long Rest
  • Unless noted, it is completely healed after a Short or Long Rest.
  • Hard Damage: Hard damage heals at the rate of 1 per Long Rest.

iCore Damage and Healing Mechanics